With the free cleverQ app, your customers get the perfect tool to save time

Customer satisfaction is measured, especially in the case of services, by the overall experience of the service offered. This applies not only to companies that are economically oriented, but also to public authorities such as citizen services. The need for explanation and demand in theses areas are always high, which often leads to long waiting times and consequently to dissatisfied customers.

This can influence the entire working atmosphere. Customers are already frustrated or stressed before the actual service takes place (in this case e.g. a consultation).

This is exactly where cleverQ comes in. Your customers have the opportunity to avoid long waiting times by using the cleverQ app, to find out how many people are waiting on site. To draw an e-ticket (digital waiting tag), you don’t have to be on site and can thus freely arrange your waiting time. cleverQ always informs the waiting person how many customers are still in front of him and what the estimated waiting time looks like.

With these and many other functions, the cleverQ app offers you and your customers real added value.

Draw e-Tickets

e-Tickets easily and quickly. Deleting an e-ticket is just as easy as reserving it.

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Customers do not have to be on site to draw an e-ticket. The km radius defined by the customer is used to reserve a ticket.

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See waiting times

See at a glance how many people are already waiting and how long the waiting times are

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Book appointments

Your customers can not only draw e-tickets, but also easily book appointments.

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These are the advantages for app users

  • no registration & no indication of personal data
  • Free App
  • No long waiting times on site
  • Notification by push message
  • Waiting time can be used effectively
  • Intuitive and easy operation
  • Available for Android and iOS

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discover APP features:

Targetgroup-oriented advertising with cleverQ

Use all the advantages of the cleverQ infrastructure to place target-group-specific advertisements. Advertise in the cleverQ App, on cleverQ displays in your waiting area or on a digital signage solution in your sales rooms – there is a wide range of possibilities to combine these interesting forms of advertising.

Inform your existing customers about new products, special offers or new services. Acquire new customers by placing location-based advertising. In short: your advertising is only visible in the areas you choose.

Are you curious? Please contact us. We will consult you in detail about all the advertising possibilities that a cleverQ solution brings with it.

  • Advertise with the
    cleverQ App:
    Direct customer approach. Targetgroup oriented. Customer acquisition made easy.
  • Advertise in your waiting area:
    Use waiting time to draw your customers’ attention to new products, services and promotions.
  • Advertise with Digital Signage:
    Infotainment & advertising in your waiting or sales areas. cleverQ can be integrated into digital signage solutions.