cleverQ in the logistics sector



This year, the Federal Office for Freight Transport published a “Market Observation of Freight Transport” in which the problems with waiting times at the loading ramps are described.

According to the study, unscheduled waiting and standing times at loading ramps are an increasing disturbance factor.

The study was carried out at around 150 transport companies, freight forwarders and industrial and commercial enterprises. 41.3% of these companies stated that there were no changes to the loading ramp situation compared with 2010. 16.3 % said that the processes had deteriorated rather than improved, and 3.8 % said that the situation had deteriorated considerably.

We are convinced that in many of these cases a significant improvement could be achieved with a cleverQ solution with the pager module for waiting trucks. In this way it is very easy to control the waiting time and the approach to the ramps.

The report also shows that many ramp operators rate radio message receivers (pagers, beepers) or an app on the smartphone very positively in order to optimize waiting times.

The ramp operators also see the time window management systems very positively, which can often be very well combined with a cleverQ system, so that not only the time windows are effectively controlled, but also the feed control at the ramp is optimized.

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