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Be the frontrunner in service even at peak times. We help to meet this demand with our cleverQ concept for building materials merchants.

With cleverQ we simplify the purchasing process for you and your customers, from ordering to collection. We have therefore adapted the cleverQ service especially for the building materials trade. You can now conveniently control the purchasing process in just a few steps.

1. Ordering

The typical customer buys several articles, which are summarized in a delivery note, with us the delivery note number is automatically the call-up number with which your customers can stay relaxed in the waiting area.

2. Dispo Ticket

The dispatcher receives the ticket including the delivery note on the cleverQ Dashboard App on a mobile phone and can assemble the goods according to the delivery note when the ticket is opened. At this moment, the ticket is marked “green” in the waiting area and the customer knows that the goods are now being assembled.

3. Collection

Once everything has been put together, the dispatcher / forklift driver closes the ticket and selects a pick-up point, which is then automatically displayed in the waiting area. Now the customer can take delivery of his goods comfortably and easily.

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