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Today booking appointments for craftsmen and service companies must be easy and convenient, at any given time.

But scheduling is still an enormous effort in many companies. Scheduling is time-consuming and inefficient, often owed to the customer, because they do not cancel appointments early enough. Software problems or even the lack of correct software worsen the difficulties.

cleverQ provides a solution. With our simple but powerful system, you can establish an efficient and, above all, well-functioning appointment management system in your company. And best of all, cleverQ offers many functions for process optimization.

Advantages for customers

The cleverQ appointment management enables your customers to arrange appointments either via web browser or directly via the free mobile app, very easily and conveniently without telephone or dependencies on opening hours. Even the cancellation of appointments is easy. The customers do not have to make any calls, write emails or other correspondence. This increases the rate of correctly cancelled appointments and opens up capacities for other customers.

Your advantages

The cleverQ appointment management system is so easy to set up that we don’t have to influence your company’s IT structures in any way. Once the system is installed, you have a clear overview of all appointments. The use of cleverQ appointment management is intuitive and does not require long and expensive training.

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