Doctor typing information on Laptop in Hospital office focus on Stethoscope

Hospitals are more and more forced to cope with rising patient numbers. At the same time they have to meet high quality standards and be economically viable.

The admission of patients, whether to a specialist, an outpatient emergency room, a children’s clinic or other areas of the health care system, poses additional challenges for employees who are already under strain.

Therefore cleverQ is the ideal upgrade for in-house process management.

With cleverQ it is possible to prioritize the incoming patients (depending on the urgency red/yellow/green). The waiting patients are clearly signaled via traffic light colours which category they belong to. This avoids unrest in the waiting area if, for example, a patient who came to the admission later is called earlier.


  • No license costs per workstation (browser control) and thus expandable at any time at the respective location without additional costs.
  • The system is always up-to-date without the need for in-house IT to do anything about it.
  • Several locations can be administered centrally.
  • The customer can be redirected to different departments without having to draw a new ticket, he retains the ticket number that he drew at the beginning.