cleverQ web appointment Itzstedt


The cleverQ appointment module is now available on the new website of the Itzstedt Public Office

As part of the website redesign of Amt Itzstedt, the cleverQ web appointment service is now available to all citizens. According to the responsible project manager, the goal of the modernization was a well-organized and informative homepage for all citizens’ concerns. With just a few clicks, appointments can be arranged online and all accompanying information on the appointments can be easily viewed.

The cleverQ appointment module is ideally equipped to meet these requirements. With cross-platform coordination of appointments, employees can pass on maximum added service value to customers with minimum effort. Annoying e-mail correspondence and telephone calls are no longer necessary.

By modernising its work processes, Amt Itzstedt is responding to increasing customer requirements in terms of digital accessibility and communication and ensuring future-proof structures.

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