Professional kiosk system

A modern, multifunctional kiosk system from cleverQ for self-service in your waiting areas. Offer your visitors and customers first-class service on your new kiosk system. Rely on real digitalization at the POS.

Modern and multifunctional kiosksystem for waiting time and appointment management

Automate your service requests on site in your waiting area and reduce the workload on your employees.

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Dual use mode

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Do you already have a website where you offer online services? You can now also display these on our modern kiosk systems. Thanks to the dual use mode, the upper area of the kiosk system is all yours. Decide for yourself which services and content you want to offer.

Individual service area

All functions that are available to your customers/visitors online can also be displayed on the kiosk systems. A digital keyboard allows information and data to be entered. Naturally data protection compliant and secure.

Industry example: Municipal utilities

Queuing system

In dual use mode, you can of course continue to use all the options of our modern queuing and appointment system.

Industry examples

Public utilities &

Job center, authorities, citizen services

Hospitals & Healthcare

Your advantages

cleverQ Kiosk System | Powered by Samsung

Digitalization is multifaceted and is not limited to the Internet. Although many customers, visitors and citizens actively search the Internet for online services so that they can save waiting times and travel, they do not always find what they are looking for. Often your customers simply forget to search for online services or simply cannot find them on your website. 

By displaying your online services on our multifunctional kiosk systems directly in the waiting area, you appeal to all those customers and visitors who have not used your services online. This not only allows you to offer first-class service, but also to outsource many inquiries to the kiosk systems that would otherwise go to your employees. 

  • Display HTML pages on kiosk system
  • Offer individual services on a kiosk system
  • Fully-fledged service system incl. digital keyboard for entering information
  • Reducing the workload for your employees
  • Continue to benefit from the advantages of a multilingual, modern queuing system
  • Manage your own services and queuing system centrally

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Modern and multifunctional kiosksystem for waiting time and appointment management