cleverQ Pager

Customizable pagers to replace or complement mobile devices. With the cleverQ pager module, customers have the opportunity to move freely while waiting and do not have to spend their time in a waiting room.

What is the cleverQ Pager Module?

In cooperation with our technology partner Discover Systems, we offer your customers/citizens the possibility to be called via pager. The e-ticket reservation works as usual via app or via your employees on site. Once a customer/citizen gets an e-ticket and is queued, you can hand out pagers that sound a signal when called. 

This solution is ideal for people who do not own a smartphone, do not want to use it for your service or cannot (battery empty, no internet, etc.). Furthermore people with impaired vision or hearing can be reliably called with pagers, as the call is played out as a signal tone and vibration.

Like all cleverQ modules, the pager module can be set up quickly and can be managed centrally. Of course, the pagers can be designed according to your wishes and adapted to your company’s corporate design.

Distribution partner

Discover Systems is our distributor for the European region.

Discover Systems is headquartered in Denmark, where also development is conducted. Production is done by Danish companies and international partners.

Discover Systems has almost 20 years of experience in the field of queuing systems and distributes its products worldwide. A strong partner and the perfect complement to the cleverQ system. For more information, please visit the Discover System homepage at:

Discover our modules

A major advantage of cleverQ is its flexibility and scalability. With extensions for your appointment or queuing system, you can add useful functions with little effort.

Want to learn more?

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