Butcher's shop Klink

cleverQ has supplied its “cQ Compact” basic queuing system for a modern butcher’s shop.

Metzgerei Klink was founded in 2011 as a family-run business in Oberjettingen.

As animal and meat lovers, we attach great importance to the species-appropriate and regional origin of the animals, gentle and stress-free slaughtering and high-quality processing in our own production facilities. We use only the best ingredients and tried-and-tested recipes to ensure the finest taste.

The challenge

The Klink butcher’s shop attaches great importance to modern shops and excellent customer service. In addition to the display at the fresh food counter, the butcher’s shop also offers regional products on shelves distributed throughout the store. In order to give customers the opportunity to discover the goods away from the fresh food counter, the Klink butcher’s shop does not want to tie customers down in a queue, but rather give them the opportunity to move freely around the store while they wait. To improve customer service and the customer experience by reducing traditional waiting times were additional goals of this project.

The solution:
Basic queuing system "cQ Compact"

A lean and modern system is used to control and call customers. The system includes:

  • A multifunctional service kiosk with dispenser for paper tickets,
  • Buttons for employees to call up customers,
  • High-resolution monitors for the call display and for the display of advertising content such as daily specials or offers.

cQ-Compact | Details and advantages

With a modern kiosk system in conjunction with our call buttons, monthly costs for software licenses are eliminated. The system is quickly set up and ready for use. If required, cleverQ offers support and updates for all devices used. 

The call monitors can be used with individualized designs for the company and with advertising content or information on offers/products.

By drawing a waiting marker, the customer is automatically placed in the queue. By pressing on the queuing buttons, the employees can call up Customers.

Max Klink

Managing Director

We are always on the lookout for new solutions to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience. The decision to use the cleverQ queuing system for our store was therefore a logical step to better organize our queues and improve customer service.

We wanted to enable our customers to join a queue quickly and easily with a waiting number without actually having to “stand in line”. In the Genusszentrum, we also offer a wide range of high-quality and local products outside the fresh food counter, which are otherwise no less popular. 

In addition, with a call display and waiting numbers, there is no more crowding and the order is clearly regulated. This is a great advantage, especially in times of increased customer demand.

Source: Reel from the official Facebook page of Metzgerei Klink. Managing Director Max Klink on the new cleverQ system at the Genusszentrum in Oberjettingen.

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