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Online Appointment System

With cleverQ, you can quickly and easily make your services available online so that your customers can book your appointments around the clock.

Benefit from the advantages of a professional online appointment booking system at an affordable price.


The cleverQ online appointment booking system offers you all the features you need to present your services online and make them bookable.

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online appointment booking system?

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This is how easy it is for customers/citizens
to book an appointment at your company with cleverQ.

1. appointment booking via web appointment page

We set up your personal web appointment page for you. Here, your customers/citizens can easily book an online appointment. You can enter your available appointments in the cleverQ administration environment with just a few clicks.

In addition, you have the option of providing additional information and, for example, informing users about important documents that need to be brought to the appointment.

2. appointment booking via free cleverQ app

The cleverQ online appointment booking system not only provides a web appointment page, but also gives you the option of making online appointments in the free cleverQ app. With an online appointment in the app, your customers/citizens do not need to bring printouts to the appointment and are automatically called via the app.

3. conventional appointment booking via phone call

If your customers/citizens do not want to or cannot book an online appointment, your staff still has the option of scheduling appointments by phone. Once the appointment has been entered, it is automatically queued in the system and managed centrally via the cleverQ platform.

4. appointment confirmation

The appointment confirmation is sent via email. The reservation code is included (also as QR code).

When booking an appointment by phone, the reservation code can be transmitted by phone.

When booking an appointment via the app, all important information and the reservation code are stored natively in the app.

How to navigate your customers/citizens on your site with cleverQ

Verify appointments

On site, the customer/citizen with an appointment has different options to verify himself in order to join the (digital) queue after confirmation.

1. Service terminal in the entrance area

Customers type in reservation code manually or use QR code scanning. Automatic authorization of the appointment and joining the (digital) queue.

2. Employees at the reception

Customers/citizens name their reservation code or show the QR code sent with the appointment. Your employees authorize the appointment and add customers/citizens to the (digital) queue.

Once an appointment is authorized, it is converted into a ticket. The ticket appears on the monitors in the waiting area, on the app or on the pagers.

3. Queue & call

In the (digital) queue, appointments are always queued before walk-in customers. Customers/citizens do not have to wait in the waiting area for their call. With the cleverQ app or with pagers, they can wait for their call e.g. in the car or in a café, and move freely.

4. park, forward & close tickets

If a customer/citizen has forgotten a document in the car, for example, a ticket can be parked until the document is subsequently provided.

After the end of the appointment or if a customer/citizen does not appear, the ticket can be closed with one click.

No hidden costs,
only one license for all calendars & users

The big advantage of cleverQ is our fair and cost-effective licensing policy. You pay only one license and can create and manage unlimited users and calendars per location or company.

10 reasons to choose cleverQ.
Your online appointment booking system.

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online appointment booking system?

Would you like to test the cleverQ online appointment booking system for your company or book it directly? Just send us a short message and we will get back to you right away.

Success Stories

What our customers say about cleverQ

Danilo Schulz

Head of Communications/ Fundraising/ Public Relations

“We were looking for a simple solution for our test centers to optimize the process flows for the customers and our employees in the best possible way. That means short waiting times, transparency for customers and good handling for the staff. cleverQ delivered a suitable overall concept for us here.”

Markus Ewald

Department Manager | Customer Service & Sales Services

“At SWP, service comes first. We wanted to translate that service mindset into the waiting room and make the experience as pleasant as possible for our customers, and then Corona came along. We needed a solution for our customers now more than ever. In the future, customers will be able to book appointments for a personal video consultation via the cleverQ platform. cleverQ was the right overall solution for us.”


Frequently asked questions about
Online appointment booking system

We refer to workstations and/or users in cleverQ’s system administration as calendars. I.e. when booking the “e-Appointment Pro” option, you pay one license and get unlimited workstations/users (calendars).

There are admin rights with different admin levels. Thus, areas such as appointment provision of slots, appointment templates, processing times, opening hours, etc. can be created.

The cleverQ appointment system offers the possibility of making appointments available online via a homepage, which can then be booked by the customer/citizen. The queuing and appointment system has the additional option of controlling the customer/citizen on site with so-called service tickets (digital waiting tags). Any person (including walk-in customers) can draw these waiting tickets either via the cleverQ app or on site via service terminals. The queue controls walk-in and appointment customers automatically and in real time with the cleverQ queuing and appointment system.

The cleverQ app was and remains free of charge. With this app, any customer/citizen can book an electronic ticket or online appointment. The cleverQ app can be downloaded in App or PlayStore, free of charge and without registration.

Write us a short message in our contact form and we will send you an access to the cleverQ system immediately. You can start immediately and e.g. define your services, provide appointment times, create users and much more.

Yes, cleverQ licenses are not issued per user or workstation, but per company/location. The licenses are bound to address and postal code. If your company has several locations, e.g. in different cities, you need one license per city and location.

Yes, you can manually enter and manage any appointment you don’t receive via your own web appointment page in the cleverQ system. Your online appointments synchronize in real time once you have manually created an appointment. The same applies if you or customers/citizens cancel appointments.