Because no one likes to wait!

Minimize waiting time
Optimize processes
Increase customer satisfaction

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cleverQ APP

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Next generation waiting time management. cleverQ increases overall customer satisfaction.

You have the choice: e-ticket, appointments, SOS, statistics, pager, and more.

Draw tickets, set appointments, advertise. The cleverQ App is your direct wire to the customer.


With cleverQ you can establish a new waiting time management system in your company in just a few steps. You don’t have to download or install any software or install any additional devices on site. With the numerous cleverQ modules, we can also provide you an individual solution, that can optimize your entire business processes. This not only benefits you, but also your customers. Would you like to learn more about the cleverQ modules? Click here for an overview:

Customer satisfaction is our mission.

Nobody likes to wait! An idea became cleverQ. A sophisticated waiting time management system which gives your customers more freedom and effectively contributes to customer satisfaction. That way, satisfied customers remain loyal to you. Benefit from a variety of powerful modules.


Distribution is increasing

cleverQ is already being used in a wide variety of industries.

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Advertising with cleverQ

Advertise in the app or on every display, which is connected to cleverQ.

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cleverQ Enterprise Solutions

cleverQ has proven itself in enterprise use. Dedicated cleverQ servers included.

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Wide range of customizations

We adjust cleverQ to your requirements. Contact us!

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Our customer base is growing and growing. Here you can see an extract of our major customers.