The possible applications of cleverQ are just as diverse as the industries where cleverQ is already in use.

Enterprise Solutions

In enterprise use, the requirements are more defined. cleverQ has already proven itself there.

cleverQ - your new system for waiting time management and performance optimization.

cleverQ is an innovative system that offers you numerous possibilities to manage your company more efficiently and smarter. The core function is waiting time management.

For this purpose we have developed a flexible system that can be quickly integrated into your business environment. In addition, the free cleverQ app for your customers, is available for iOS and Android.

Together, these two system components make it possible to digitize the entire process of ticket allocation or appointment reservation and thus make it much easier – for you and your customers.

Of course cleverQ is not only limited to waiting time management. Here you will find all modules cleverQ offers in the B2B area.

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cleverQ Online Appointment Booking Prices

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Alternatively, we also offer integrated solutions for queuingsystems.


Appointment managment & queuing system

The best choice if you want to manage walk-in and appointment customers with a single platform.

✓ Digital queuing system

✓ Web Appointment scheduling incl. custom design

✓ Free cleverQ app (appointment allocation & digital waiting tickets)

✓ Unlimited workstations for queue calls (Web Browser Control)

✓ Unlimited number of displays for the waiting areas (web browser control)

✓ Unlimited number of service terminals

✓ Free updates (SaaS)


Digital queuing system

Modern, simple, fast and fair queuing service and waiting time management for your walk-in customers.

✓ Digital queuing system

✕ Web Appointment scheduling incl. custom design

✓ Free cleverQ app (digital waiting tickets)

✓ Unlimited workstations for queue calls (Web Browser Control)

✓ Unlimited number of displays for waiting areas (web browser control)

✓ Unlimited number of service terminals

✓ Free updates (SaaS)


e-Appointment pro

The best solution for your company if you are looking for a high-performance and simple management of your appointment customers.

✕ Digital queuing system

✓ Web Appointment scheduling incl. custom design

✓ Free cleverQ app (appointment allocation)

✓ Unlimited workstations for queue calls (Web Browser Control)

✓ Unlimited number of displays for waiting areas (web browser control)

✓ Unlimited number of service terminals

✓ Free updates (SaaS)


Assigned tickets


Companies & industries in action


Hours of waiting time saved

Find out how cleverQ can contribute to more customer satisfaction

  • Nobody likes to wait! Especially not your customers. Waiting time can cause severe customer dissatisfaction. And unsatisfied customers spend less money. With cleverQ you will turn waiting customers into satisfied customers!
  • Give your customers more freedom. Instead of waiting in crowded waiting areas or in queues, your customers can go shopping or spend their waiting time in a café. cleverQ always informs your customers via push notifications when their waiting number is called or when an appointment is due.
  • Customer satisfaction and target group-oriented advertising can drasticly increase your sales. Therefore we offer you the unique opportunity to advertise directly to your customers on their mobile phones. cleverQ also provides the displays in the waiting area with tailor-made advertising.
  • Offline customer satisfaction. Customers without mobile devices or with empty batteries do not need to feel disadvantaged, as our system is also compatible with ticket printers from MEM-O-MATIC. We also offer the possibility to use the pager module to take full advantage of the e-Ticket.

How can your customers use cleverQ?

With the free cleverQ app (available for iOS and Android), your customers can draw, reserve or even discard online tickets from you. All from the comfort of their home or on the go, without the hassle of having to stay in crowded waiting rooms.

Your company can be found via a search field in the cleverQ app. If, for example, your customer enters “Doctor”, all doctors in the immediate vicinity will be displayed. This also qualifies cleverQ for new customer acquisition. Of course, you can also be found via the company name; with complete address, Google Maps and convenient navigation.

cleverQ offers you many possibilities to advertise. Simple, effective and target-group oriented. In the cleverQ backend you can decide for yourself which advertisements your customers see. Would you like to place advertising in the cleverQ app? No problem. Contact us for a non-binding offer.

Did you know?

Too long waiting times are one of the most frequent reasons for dissatisfied customers, no matter in which kind of company. In an environment that is becoming faster and faster, this is an extremely important factor which should not be underestimated.


More and more industries are using cleverQ – from pharmacies to registration offices. Our solution is universal and suitable for all types of companies, even though cleverQ is increasingly being used by public authorities.

cleverQ grows

We have outgrown our children’s shoes and are taking Germany by storm. Also abroad more and more people are becoming aware of us, e.g. in Sweden or Austria. Of course we also strive for a Europe-wide coverage.

Young company

cleverQ is a young start-up. In less than two years we have nevertheless managed to win over large corporations, including Lufthansa, IKEA and ADAC. The growth continues and the cleverQ system is being expanded more and more.

Test cleverQ?

You can test cleverQ without obligation and we will set up a demo account for your company. Test us and if you are convinced, we would like to welcome you to the cleverQ family.

Partner enterprises

We owe our success above all to our many technology partners. One of the most important is MEM-O-MATIC, with whose help we want to establish cleverQ in every city in Germany so that as many people as possible can save valuable time instead of having wait unnecessary.

Integration into existing MEM-O-MATIC ® ticket printers

The connection of cleverQ® to your MEM-O-MATIC® Ticketprinter is uncomplicated and simple. With the cleverQ® Connection Box, both systems are connected to one unit so that you can control everything via a web application on your browser.

When a customer draws a ticket locally via cleverQ®, it is recorded and displayed in real time, both on your browser and on the display in the waiting area.

The complete control of the system takes place via the simple web application. Calling up customers, deleting or adding tickets, creating new queues, everything is centrally managed and transferred to the stationary systems and to the cleverQ® app.

With the MEM-O-MATIC® solution, you give your customers freedom – because freedom is not having to wait.


The cleverQ Enterprise solution with the Linux operating system can be installed either on a dedicated or on a virtual server and thus offers your IT department the desired flexibility. Central administration without client software and therefore no license costs per workstation due to cleverQ browser control concept.

The advantage of such a closed system is that no external servers have to be integrated into the internal IT infrastructure. Data protection and security aspects (internal IT policy) are thus served and covered equally. Process flows are individually configured and mapped via the cleverQ backend in order to integrate the system environment as real tools into your daily processes.

Of course, service comes first at cleverQ. Therefore our enterprise customers can rely on fast, uncomplicated service and support.

If the customer so wishes, cleverQ servers can be integrated into the company network to guarantee cleverQ operation in a closed company network. Of course data protection conform according to DSGVO.

Dedicated cleverQ servers (depending on requirements)

Depending on requirements and customer wishes, dedicated cleverQ servers can be set up in the company network. Thus all advantages of cleverQ are only accessible in your company network and the data remains in your company. Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Individual adaptations within the framework of the cleverQ project

Customers in the enterprise environment often have the desire for specific adaptations. The cleverQ system architecture is flexible, modular and expandable. Thus, a cleverQ instance established in the intranet can be adapted and extended according to customer requirements.

One contact person - before, during & after the project

Especially in an enterprise environment, communication channels must be short and direct. We at cleverQ know this and offer enterprise customers a contact partner beyond all project phases. You can rely on us!

Uncomplicated & fast support

Service is a major priority at cleverQ for a reason. That’s why enterprise customers in particular, can rely on fast, uncomplicated support.

Targetgroup-oriented advertising with cleverQ

Use all the advantages of the cleverQ infrastructure to place target-group-specific advertisements. Advertise in the cleverQ App, on the cleverQ displays in your waiting area or on a digital signage solution in your sales rooms – there are many ways to combine these interesting advertising forms.

Inform your existing customers about new products, special offers or new services. Acquire new customers by placing location-based advertising. In short: your advertising is only visible in the areas you choose.

Are you curious? Please contact us. We will advise you in detail about all the advertising possibilities that a cleverQ solution brings with it.

  • Advertise with the
    cleverQ App:
    Direct customer approach. Target group oriented. New customer acquisition made easy.
  • Advertise in your waiting area:
    Use waiting time to draw your customers’ attention to new products, services and promotions.
  • Advertising with Digital Signage:
    Infotainment & advertising in your waiting or sales areas. cleverQ can be integrated into digital signage solutions.

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