Intelligent appointment booking with AI (powered by

AI voice assistance
for your company

With the cleverQ AI voice assistant, you can reduce your employees’ workload and create capacity for other processes without the need for additional staff.

This is made possible by intelligent appointment booking on the phone

Automated, intelligent appointment booking on the phone

The added value of AI-controlled appointment booking by phone

The cleverQ voice assistant(powered by helps you to automate your appointment requests via telephone and make them available around the clock. Regardless of working hours, public holidays or staff availability.

  • Inbound appointment booking
  • Outbound cancellations (e.g. appointment cancellations)
  • Reducing the workload for employees
  • No additional staff for booking appointments by telephone
  • Appointments can be booked around the clock, regardless of working hours, weekdays, public holidays or staff availability.
  • Make appointments accessible for blind people or people with visual impairments
  • Can be combined with other cleverQ solutions
  • Pay as you use – billing based on actual transactions (telephone calls with customers)

Example of an appointment booking with our AI language assistant.

Listen now.

Creating synergies with other cleverQ solutions

The cleverQ voice assistant can be combined with existing cleverQ solutions to further reduce the workload on your employees and offer your customers/citizens even better service quality and availability:

Ein Kiosksystem mit integriertem Service und mit digitaler Tastatur zur Eingabe von Informationen

Barrier-free WEB appointments

The cleverQ barrier-free WEB appointments module is an extension for our online appointment booking system. With numerous settings, your customers/citizens can customize the presentation of your web appointment page so that it meets their needs and enables convenient appointment booking.

  • Visually impaired people: Support for people with poor eyesight
  • Read texts aloud: Assistance for people who have problems reading online texts.
  • Cognitive limitations: Assistance with reading and recognizing important elements
  • Epileptics: animations are deactivated and dangerous color combinations are reduced
  • ADHD settings: Distractions are reduced and a clear focus is set
  • Blind people: The screen reader can recognize the contents of the website
  • People with motor disabilities: The website can be used with the keyboard
  • Reset settings: Restore default settings quickly and easily
  • Individual settings: Numerous individual settings

cleverQ modules

Useful functions and extensions
in the public sector

cleverQ system architecture as an interactive 3D map

With our interactive 3D map, you can discover our solutions and see how they are implemented in practice.
You can use the control elements to select different “hotspots” and obtain detailed information.

cleverQ GDPR & data protection

As a provider of SaaS (Software as a Service), the data protection and IT security of our customers and our own infrastructure is one of the most important challenges we face. We guarantee data security on several levels.

On the one hand, we cooperate with well-known hosters (such as Hetzner) to ensure that our digital services are available, performant and protected at all times, while on the other hand we comply with all GDPR regulations and periodically renew our ISO 27001 certificate (information security management systems).

A solution with real added value

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