hands of a young woman using mobile phone in modern shopping mall.

Retailers are fighting against online shipping and want to offer customers a real shopping experience.

With cleverQ, waiting times can be converted into sales, because the customer does not wait in the queue, but uses the time to continue shopping. He is automatically informed via push message on his mobile phone when the service planned for him is due. Of course, call systems such as monitors are additionally used in the market.

Appointments &

The reservation of dates for an individual consultation becomes ever more popular with cleverQ, both for customers, and for the entrepreneurs. On the one hand this is due to the fact that booking appointments with a smartphone is quick and easy, on the other hand, because appointments can be cancelled just as quickly.

The cancellation of appointments no longer poses a major hindrance for the customer, because nothing is worse than booked appoinments which are not cancelled in advance.

Increase sales

More time for shopping because customers need less time to queue

Service quality

You increase the service quality of your branch with little effort

Free App

Your customers can make use of the cleverQ service free of charge

Book appointments

Easy reservation & cancellation of appointments

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