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The education sector is facing new challenges. More and more focus is being placed on services.

These should be uncomplicated, convenient and professional, especially when it comes to consultation. Many modern training centres set themselves a high quality standard. With cleverQ you have the perfect system to meet all your customers’ requirements.

cleverQ Features

Always up-to-date overview

With cleverQ, customers can see how many people are already waiting and what the predicted waiting time is.


At the same time, you can draw an electronic ticket within a given radius without having to be on site.

Automatic message

The customer is informed automatically a few minutes before his call, so that he can arrive in time at the customer centre.


Of course, the customer can also book appointments for selected services, either with the mobile app or from all common web browsers. Users are not dependent on telephone calls, other correspondence or opening hours.

Other solutions

cleverQ also offers solutions beyond waiting time management that can optimize your internal company processes. With the numerous cleverQ modules we can adapt an individual solution for you.