Employees in public institutions or companies such as banks and insurance companies with public traffic are increasingly confronted with threatening or violent behaviour.

Even in administrative areas that affect people in their existence, such as job centres, social welfare offices, immigration authorities, public order offices or driving licence offices, situations can arise in which verbal or physical assaults must be feared.

With the cleverQ SOS module, you can get help at any time in your office from any location.

The cleverQ SOS module distinguishes between two alarm types:


When the silent ARE alarm (Alarm-Call-EDP [in german “Alarm-Ruf-EDV”]) is triggered, an employee is immediately informed that a customer is behaving aggressively. The message can be sent to freely defined destinations, regardless of whether it is another room or floor. An alarm message automatically signals an employee that there is a need for de-escalating measures.


With the AMOK – Alarm all employees at the location are informed, in order to initiate appropriate safety measures (lock the room, evacuate etc.). Of course, another location can also be informed that an AMOK alarm has been triggered.

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