With these notes on data protection, we, B.I.C. GmbH, Jägerhof 3b, Brokenlande, Germany (“we“), provide information on which person-specific data is collected, and how it is used, when you make use of our cleverQ app.

We are the provider of the cleverQ app for making appointments and for waiting-time management (“app“). With the help of the app you can arrange appointments with participating providers or draw waiting tags.

The body responsible for your data, in the sense of data protection, is the respective provider. We process your data solely at the order and in keeping with the instructions of the provider (so-called order data processing).

It can also be that supplementary notes of the respective provider on data protection apply. In the event of objection, such notes have priority over these notes.

Neither for the arranging of an appointment nor for the drawing of waiting tags is it necessary for you to disclose person-specific data, such as your name or your e-mail address. Nor are you required to have a user account. In other words, you can use our app pseudonymously.

The extent of the data that you can disclose is determined by the respective provider. This can well be your name, a customer number or a comments field.

In addition to the data input by you, in cases of waiting tags we record the time of the drawing and the number, as well as the date in cases of appointments.

In order to allocate an appointment or a waiting tag to your device, we use an identification number allocated to us by Google or Apple, for the sending of communications to your device. We cannot use this, however, to identify you.

We do not record your user behaviour in respect of our app.

We use your data for preparation and administration of the appointments-making tool and for administration of the waiting tags. For these, the data is made available to the respective provider (with whom, for example, you have made an appointment).

For the storing of your data we can involve a service company (computer-centre operator). This company has its registered address in Germany. Your data too is stored solely in servers in Germany.

For the delivery of notifications we use services of Google and Apple with servers also outside of the European Union. The notifications, however, contain only details such as waiting time or the number of those waiting, but no person-specific data.

Data on appointments is deleted 24 hours after the end of the appointment, waiting tags 24 hours after call-out.

The app enquires about access to your location, so that in the event of a choice of providers via a map, the nearest-lying provider can be identified. We record your location for this function only and we do not store your location.

The right to access your calendar is used by us to be able to enter there (optional,) arranged appointments.

Camera access is used by us to scan in paper-based waiting tags (option possibly not available).

If you have questions on data protection at cleverQ, or if you want to know which data the provider has stored on you, in this connection, please contact the respective provider directly.