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Local insurance offices in metropolitan areas concentrate on service optimisation and shortening waiting times.

The cleverQ concept adapts to the requirements and processes of an insurance company without using the IT infrastructure. The topic is huge, because the responsible IT departments do not want to integrate external systems into their network because of increasing cybercrime. The cleverQ concept is completely self-sufficient and can still be controlled at workstations via standard web browsers. There is no need to interfere with the existing IT infrastructure and its security concepts.

The cleverQ system has already proven itself in registration offices, employment offices, tax offices and many other institutions and is enjoying increasing popularity there.

Your advantages

  • No license costs per workstation and thus expandable at any time at the respective location without additional costs.
  • The system is always up-to-date, without the need for in-house IT to do anything about it.
  • Several locations can be administered centrally.
  • The customer can be redirected to different departments without having to buy a new ticket, he retains the ticket number that he chose at the beginning.

for customers

  • The customer can draw a ticket with the APP without having to be on site.
  • Of course, he can also continue to draw a paper ticket on site, the electronic tickets are automatically inserted.
  • The customer is informed via the APP “Push Notification” before his ticket number is due for processing.
  • The customer can use the APP for many other providers from different areas (trade, retail, authorities, health care, public transport, etc.).
  • Appointments and walk-in customers are managed in one system environment and can be automatically notified if certain documents are to be carried along for this appointment.