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The customer in focus, with fast and unbureaucratic processes – that’s what modern utilities are all about today.

Utility companies are service companies and have the responsibility, whether public or private, to offer their customers a satisfactory service. However, this is difficult, since extensive consultation and individual assistance always entails a high time factor. This of course also leads to long waiting times.

cleverQ has the solution for this and other problems in the process flow of your service.


With cleverQ, customers can see, for example, how many people are already waiting and what the predicted waiting time is . At the same time, you can draw an electronic ticket within a given radius without having to be on site. The customer is informed automatically a few minutes before his call-up in order to arrive at the customer centre in time.

More functions

Of course, the customer can also book appointments for selected “services” via web browser or via the app. Naturally, it is simple and convenient without a need for a telephone call or beeing dependent on opening hours. The app can also be used to inform customers about the latest offers and promotions.