The cleverQ statistics module provides you with graphically arranged, detailed evaluations with which you can better understand and control your company in figures.

The statistics module creates informative graphics about the period of time customers spend in your organization. The visualization can be freely selected and thus enables a quick overview.

The following statistical evaluations are possible

Number of tickets

Ø Waiting time

Maximum waiting time

Processing time

Performance Indication

In addition to simple data evaluation, cleverQ Performance Indication allows you to see at a glance whether a customer has been called within the specified waiting time and whether their processing has remained within the times set by you (green, yellow, red). Too long processing times can thus be quickly made visible.


You can sort by hours, day, week, month or year individually. The individual workstations, rooms or switches are freely configurable.

We configure the cleverQ statistics module according to your specifications.

Of course, the statistical surveys can be configured in such a way,
that these cannot be assigned to any persons.

The cleverQ Statistics module is an ideal supplement to your basic package 1 or 2 to document the total workload of your employees, adapt processes and increase customer satisfaction.

For more information on the statistics module, please contact us personally.