Updates May | 13.05.2024

Dear customers,
A new update has been installed for your cleverQ system.

New update features that are already active:


  1. a new “Date” column has been added to the workstation in the appointment list.
    The date on which the appointment takes place is displayed here. This is particularly important if the “Show calendar with booked appointments” option is deactivated in the workplace settings. The appointments are then sorted by date and time.

  2. It is now also possible to display the service, concern, service group and concern group names in HTML on the web appointment page.

  3. there is a new function for our digital browser ticket.
    It is now possible for customers to enter their name instead of a ticket number, which is then displayed as a “ticket number”.

    The customer will also be addressed by their added name in the text messages that can optionally be sent.
    Of course, if a customer does not want this, it is still possible for them to receive a regular ticket number


The two functions “Allow multiple appointment bookings with the same email address on different days” and “Allow multiple appointment bookings per day” now also have an effect in the cleverQ app.

Definition Updates:

Updates are regular changes to our cleverQ software that provide you with new functions, improvements and the latest patches for the necessary IT security.

Our updates are free of charge and are activated directly so that you can benefit from the advantages immediately.

We want to ensure that you are always up to date and can benefit from the most advanced tools and technologies.

We keep cleverQ up to date with regular updates to provide you with the best possible performance and user experience.

Do you have questions about our latest updates and features?
Our sales team and project managers are always at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help you.
Kind regards,
Your cleverQ team

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