Updates May | 24.05.2024

Dear customers,
A new update has been installed for your cleverQ system.

New update features that are already active:


  1. services can now be displayed as “Not available” on the cleverQ web appointment pages. The service button is then displayed in light grey, with a note directly next to the service name “Not available”. This button can then no longer be clicked or selected.

  2. If you already use our SMS module for your appointments and/or tickets, we now offer the option of sending reminders or information via SMS.
    This means, for example, that a customer receives information via SMS two tickets before they are called up.
    This informs the customer, if they are not at the location, that they can now return to the location.
    The information when a customer should be informed before their ticket can be configured individually (e.g. two tickets before or rather three or four).


  1. A mouse-over has been added in the cleverQ dashboard, in the admin area, which displays the location name in full length.

  2. Appointments can now be authorised (logged in) on site at the terminal, even if a current ticket limit has been reached.

  3. Alias names can now be specified for individually configured customer information fields.

    This will then appear in the reports instead of the “normal” name, e.g. the customer name.

  4. The “modern appointment booking at the desk” is now also possible in Danish.

  5. The parameter “Name on the web appointment page and in the cleverQ app” can also be specified for request and service groups, just like for requests and services.

  6. A “pause page” on a touchscreen is now also displayed when a service is closed according to the service times. Previously, this page was only displayed if the corresponding service was deactivated via a desk.

Definition Updates:

Updates are regular changes to our cleverQ software that provide you with new functions, improvements and the latest patches for the necessary IT security.

Our updates are free of charge and are activated directly so that you can benefit from the advantages immediately.

We want to ensure that you are always up to date and can benefit from the most advanced tools and technologies.

We keep cleverQ up to date with regular updates to provide you with the best possible performance and user experience.

Do you have questions about our latest updates and features?
Our sales team and project managers are always at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help you.
Kind regards,
Your cleverQ team

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